The Green Gables Stadium never existed in real life, but you wouldn't know that from looking at the façade of this Lego model. The huge domed stadium, built by Lego maniac RedCoKid, looks just like an early 20th century ballpark, and it sports some cool features beyond looking really pretty.

The 18,600-piece structure is two and a half feet in diameter and has a removable domed roof. Once that roof is off, the eight sides—interlocked using Lego technics—can come apart in order to put in one of three playing grounds: baseball, football, and a gymnastics set. Other nice little details include removable box seats, a press box, and a sign for the old stadium out front. You can find more great pictures on RedCoKid's Flickr page, and you can see the stadium in person at Brickworld Chicago 2013 this summer. [Flickr via Brothers Brick]