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This Peek at The Expanse's VFX Proves Adam Savage Didn't Actually Die in Space

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After getting to go behind the scenes on season two of The Expanse for his Tested series, Adam Savage was lucky enough to get a cameo on the show. But as Montreal studio Oblique FX reveals in this VFX breakdown reel, the former Mythbusters host didn’t actually die in the hostile environment of an alien planet... but he did have to keep very still on a bluescreen set.

It’s no surprise that a science-fiction series like The Expanse, set in space, on distant worlds, and on a futuristic version of Earth, would rely heavily on visual effects to bring its world to life. But it’s especially interesting to see how on-location scenes are augmented with concrete corridors and other CG set extensions to make the future of our planet feel slightly bleaker than we’d like it to be.


[Vimeo via Art of VFX]