This Petrifying Predator Figure Looks Like It Could Rip Your Face Off

The Predator was already a pretty extreme design. Square-Enix’s Play Arts Kai line just took that extremity, ripped its spine out and then used it as a club to beat the extremeness to death. Oh dear.

Yes, when Play Arts Kai isn’t doing insane things to the worlds of DC, Marvel or Star Wars, they’ve decided to turn their eyes to the Predator franchise. The new aesthetic combines a lot of quasi-samurai armour plates with... err, bones and creepy looking innards? Seriously, this figure looks gross, but in a good way. It’s almost demonic.


Aside from looking delightfully freaky, the Predator comes with the aforementioned bone club (Which looks equality nasty), and an alternate “closed mouth” face to make it look a little less like it’s about to have a much on your other action figures torsos, and an extended wristblade. You can even pry the helmet off to get a better glimpse at the Predator’s flesh underneath. Ew.

Such extremity comes at a price however: Like the Thor revealed yesterday, this Variant Predator will be around $122 when it releases in September.


[via Toyark]

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