What researchers have done is created a way to manipulate a model of a head in two dimensions without having to form a three-dimensional model. The demonstration showcases some of the kinks—it doesn’t know what to do when you can’t pinpoint the ears, hair gets distorted, and it only really works with a head-on image—but moving the sliders back and forth creates something out of Harry Potter: an eerily moving image.

While the demonstration doesn’t provide the same results as the “implementation described in the paper,” it does provide a neat representation of what the software could do. Check it out here and play around a bit, watching your image seemingly begin to move before your very eyes.

As for whether you can use a full version soon, researchers are still working on those previously-mentioned issues. Adobe research contributed to the project, so we can only guess that Photoshop and other programs will utilize it when it’s ready for commercial use.


[Motherboard via Princeton]