How Different Camera Lenses Can Make You Look Fatter

The camera really does add 10 pounds. Here’s a good look at the effect that different lenses and barrel distortion can have when it comes to making you look fat on camera. The gif from Jim Zub starts by showing a person’s face with a 20mm lens and then goes all the way up to 200mm, you basically watch his face and hair expand right before your very eyes.


Here’s another image detailing the “camera adds 10 pounds” effect:

Illustration for article titled How Different Camera Lenses Can Make You Look Fatter

There’s a combination of factors that make you look fat. The focal length of the camera can flatten out a person’s features thus making them look much bigger in comparison. Barrel distortion—that is, when straight lines look like they’re curving out because of the nature of the lens—can also make a person’s face look more plump than usual.

Basically, never take a picture of yourself.



That’s why I tell everyone to never judge themselves too harshly, you can never see yourself how others really see you. I’m not saying don’t improve yourself if you want, but don’t put yourself down either.

Except also for health reasons, if you can improve for your health, do it.