This Polygamist Mouse Can Partner with 9 Devices

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Besides a lack of unruly cables, the other big advantage to using wireless accessories like a Bluetooth mouse is that they can be easily swapped between devices. And Elecom is betting that there are enough consumers using nine different devices at once to profit on its new 9nove wireless mouse. Good luck with that.

A button near the scroll wheel lets users swap between laptops, desktop PCs, or whatever else relies on a mouse these days. And which device it's currently connected to is indicated by a simple LED number display, although, you'll want to take notes on what one through nine actually corresponds to.

Thankfully the 9nove's only claim to fame isn't its techno-polygamy; it's also got a tilting scroll wheel that can be used to navigate large documents vertically and horizontally, and an IR LED sensor with adjustable DPI settings. 500, 1250, and 2000 depending on how much accuracy you need—or in other words, gamers can use it too. And while its $100 price tag seems a little pricey, remember, you're actually kind of buying nine mouses so when you crunch the numbers it's actually a bargain. [Elecom via Damn Geeky]

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But will the 9 devices grow jealous of each other and pout when it gives more time to one of them than the rest? Will the resulting output grow resentful of the lack of resources given to them as opposed to the output of the other devices. Will the mouse then have a vision and call it all "Blessed of the Creator" (Bill Gates) and move to a new land far away from the network and defy the laws of the tradition of one mouse/one device?

Only time will tell.....