Bradley Jones is suing his former employers because he was repeatedly tasered on the job, leaving him a broken paranoid mess. Good god, this poor guy.

As you can see in the video above, Jones' coworkers at Fred Fincher Motors in Houston terrorized him for over nine months with a taser. KHOU reports that he was blasted with the stun gun "at least" two dozen times while his coworkers and boss filmed it and laughed at him.

The torture only ended when Jones was let go a few weeks ago. Now, he's suing. Obviously, Jones' boss is denying that he was involved at all. And I bet some idiot is going to argue that Jones "was in on the fun" and "can't you see he's laughing in the videos," but don't buy it. Any decent workplace would never let this happen. There's no way to be "in" on ritualized abuse to your body. When you see the guy break down at the end, you know this just isn't funny.

I hope he takes their asses to the cleaners. Sick fucks. [KHOU via Dangerous Minds]

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