This furniture, dreamt up by German designer Philipp Beisheim, is inspired by inflatable rubber dinghies—which means you can take it anywhere.


There's a side table which has a wooden top supported by an inflatable base, and a stool which is made up from a blow-up seat resting on wooden legs. The inflatable parts are made from Hypalon, a hard-wearing synthetic rubber usually used to make inflatable boats. Beisheim explains:

"It blows up in seconds. The material is a silicon-based fabric, which is actually used in the industrial area. It has a really strong structure, which makes the table a functional object. Making inflatable furniture allows the user to interact with the object in a different way by blowing it up. My inflatable furniture would be useful outdoors, camping, for temporary events or people with a small balcony without much space."


Or maybe you could use them on a boat? There's currently no plan to turn it into a real product—but we hope it happens. [DeZeen]

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