What's cooler: Guns disguised as ordinary objects or everyday items that look like guns? In honor of The American, George Clooney's new film in which he plays an assassin/undercover gunsmith (in theaters today!), here are some scary yet benign guns and their seemingly harmless but deadly counterparts.

Guns come in all shapes and sizes. Just like those subway ads that challenge you to pick the real pistol, it's sometimes pretty hard to make the distinction between real and fake weapons. Here's a handy gun guide just in case you are ever staring down a barrel full of Legos.

Things That Are Not Guns

Normally, if someone comes at you waving a gun, it's not recommended that you fight back. However, if someone comes at you waving this chocolate gun, it's totally permissible to bite them—er, bite it. The same thing goes for these frozen treats.

Office Supplies
Annoying co-worker nibbling on your lunch? Those passive-aggressive notes on the fridge not working? Maybe it's time to step up your campaign to aggressive-aggressive. It's unclear if this sticky note gun actually shoots those little yellow strips, but either way, Bob from Accounting is sure to get the message to lay off your Pizza Rolls.


True story: A man is just minding his own business after hours in the office when a nosy neighbor calls the SWAT team on him. How was the snitch supposed to know that, no, the guy with the gun wasn't a disgruntled employee, just some bored dude playing Call of Duty and building a Lego pistol on company time?

Nothing advertises how hard you are more clearly than an UZI-shaped flash drive. Courtesy of rap group The Get Busy Committee, you can now conveniently store your precious information and intimidate people at the same time.


Things That Really Are Guns


This brain-teaser is similar to the aforementioned Lego gun, except that it can actually kill you. Fortunately, in the time it takes to assemble this 45-caliber pistol, most potential victims will have been smart enough to flee.

A little bit of steampunk and a whole lot of Sherlock Holmes-style ingenuity went into designing these antique guns. Click through to this gallery to see pipes, watches, and even one soul-saving crucifix, all designed to do some harm.

A note to budding criminals: That gun stealthily hidden inside of a flashlight won't land you a starring role in a high-action shootout. It will land you in jail.


Cell Phones
We already have to worry about cell phones causing brain cancer and now we have to worry that they might shoot us, too? It's all too much. Where's the fainting couch?

There you have it—and check out George Clooney's cache of hand-built weaponry in The American. For a sneak peak, watch the trailer below!

The American opens tonight nationwide.