Pertamina—Indonesia's state-owned oil and gas corporation—will have a new headquarters in Jakarta in 2020. One that looks like a smooth spaceship about to take off and generates electricity thanks to its design, created by American architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.


According to the firm:

The world's first supertall tower for which energy is the primary driver of design, Pertamina Energy Tower exposes the sustainable strategies at the core of its design in its simple profile yet sophisticated architectural expression. Gently tapering towards a rounded top, the tower opens up at the crown, revealing a 'wind funnel' that will take advantage of the prevailing winds and increased wind speeds at the upper floors to generate energy.

They claim that the skyscraper has been "precisely calibrated for Jakarta's proximity to the equator" and that its "curved facade will mitigate solar heat gain throughout the year," which will also reduce the energy and water demand. They also calculate that the building will generate 25 percent of the energy.


The building will also have an exterior campus with an auditorium, gardens and sheltered walkways covered with solar panels.


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