He can roll around, hobble along on two feet, and apparently even fly at one point in his astromech career, but as far as robots go, R2-D2 never seemed that articulated. At least until the folks at Kaiyodo inducted the droid into their Revoltech line, which is known for having some of the most posable action figures you can find anywhere.

Standing just four-inches tall, this version of R2-D2 has the usual rotating dome and arms/legs that swing back and forth. But it also introduces articulated ankles letting Artoo strike some unique poses never really seen in the films.

It even comes with a replacement set of feet with built-in wheels and motors that will send R2-D2 racing across your desk after pulling him back a few inches. But does all that justify a $44 price tag? Thankfully, the figure appears to be impeccably detailed too, and most Star Wars fans would probably jump at the chance to add this to their collections. [Kaiyodo via Toyark]


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