This R2-D2 Hangs Out In Your Fridge And Reminds You Not To Waste Energy

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The Force Awakens may not be out for another 9 months, but I think we might have reached peak 'weird Star Wars' tie-in merch: This tiny little R2 sits in your fridge and furiously beeps at you if you leave the door open too long. It's also meant to single people feel less lonely, too!


The R2-D2 Fridge Droid, designed by Japanese company Hamee, is around 11cm tall, and is light sensitive — when he detects light, i.e, the light in your fridge turning on when you open the door, he perks up and starts bleeping and blooping one of 15 different audio clips from the Star Wars films, whirring his little head around.

Aside from standing guard for your food, R2-D2 is ostensibly meant to act as a safeguard for if you leave the Fridge door open, wasting electricity: if he detects light for too long, he'll emit a shrill robotic squeak to remind you to get whatever the hell you want out of the fridge and close the damn door. The fact that you'd need a battery-powered little astromech to remind you not to waste energy seems a little bit pointless, but there we go.

In this demo video though, product manager Atsushi Yamashita also says that R2 is meant to combat loneliness if you live alone, telling viewers "I wanted to make something that says 'Welcome home!', something that makes it feel like you've got a family member living with you.":

I mean, it's a sweet gesture, but I'm not sure the presence of a small bleeping robot among your groceries is a great alternative to, you know, actual people, Mister Yamashita.

The teeny, fridge bound R2 Unit can be bought for around $36 from Hamee here.

[via Rocketnews24]

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My fridge has a built-in feature to beep at you if you leave if open too long. It's never beeped at me, since I do not stand with the refrigerator door open, but it drives my boyfriend crazy. It doesn't seem to have succeeded in training him to stop engaging in this behavior though.