This Receiver Is So Future-Proofed, It Won't Work with Any TV

Onkyo's new HT-RC370 and HT-RC360 receivers are pretty beefy—7.2 channel audio, THX certification on the former, wireless connectivity, and net radio streaming. But what really stands out is 4K video upscaling—so powerful, you can't even use it. Errr.

While looking ahead is always smart when buying gadgets, you'll have to ask yourself whether paying for 4K makes sense right now. The super-duper HD standard—at least double the pixelage of 1080p—isn't available on any consumer screens you can buy. Will 4K resolution become the next home theater standard? Probably! Will it happen anytime soon? We don't know! And neither does Onkyo. So if you're planning on buying a receiver now and keeping it for a long while—in time for hypothetical 4K TVs to be affordable—then this might make sense. Otherwise, it's probably something you can pass on until the future arrives. [Onkyo]


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