This Rubber Band Gatling Gun Will Dominate Any Office Supply Shootout

You're still flicking rubber bands with your fingers? My friend, please. Please take a look at this 20-pound, eight-barreled Gatling rubber band gun. Before you say no to the $500 price tag, watch it work in this terrifyingly soundtracked video.


The made-to-order gun can load up to 100 Size 64 rubber bands, and is apparently "safe enough for close-range shooting." Safe being one of those vague, relative words that gets thrown around a lot and I assume means different things in different cultures. And yes, it comes with a Maglite mounted on top. While it may not be drill-powered, it's still terrifying.

Also: you'll shoot your eye out. [Gadgets and Gear via Wired]



Eat hot death boss. Eat hot death.

/annihilates boss in rubber bad fight.

That's great NorwoodIsMyHero. Now pick every last one of those rubber bands up off the floor with your mouth, one at a time.