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This Gross Oculus Rift Game Lets Players Spy Up a Virtual Teen's Skirt

The Oculus Rift is an amazing virtual reality device and we can use it to pretend to be anywhere. We can simulate soaring through the clouds! The Rift can help you live inside your wildest dreams... and apparently that includes staring at a schoolgirl like a lecherous creep while her skirt lifts up in the wind.


A Japanese game developer made an Oculus Game where players can blow on a microphone to create enough wind to lift up the skirt of Hatsune Miku, a fictional 16-year-old character with turquoise pigtails popular in Japan.

Hatsune is wearing underwear and appears pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, which I guess is a step up from the other recent creepy Japanese Oculus sextime game, which helped people pretend to grab boobs. In that game, the animated girl was indignant at getting her breasts squeezed, making the game feel like simulated assault. Then again, even though Hatsune doesn't seem to give a shit that she's having a Marilyn Monroe moment... she's a teenager. And this is still a fucked up game. If you're going to make a VR sex game, why not make one where the woman is an adult and gives consent to titillate you? Why, when there are endless possibilities and you have complete control over the situation, would you choose to develop and/or play a VR sex game designed to imitate behavior (blowing on a child's skirt so you can get aroused at seeing their underwear) that would get you thrown in jail in real life?


It's a bizarre choice, but maybe seeing garbage stuff like this will make a sex-positive Oculus developer come up with a way to help people get off using the Rift that isn't twisted. [Daily Dot]

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If you're getting upset about a virtual character you don't know then at least try to get her name right. Hatsune is her family name while Miku is her first name. In Japan it is common to give your family name first. Unless you're being rude on purpose, which wouldn't surprise me. I'm just glad that you're already getting defensive over this. If you'd see what people are doing to her on a regular basis you'd probably faint. Not that you'd had any reason for it since no actual person gets harmed in any way in this.