This Seven-Headed Faucet Hydra Pours Out a Message with Beams of Light

You probably don't give much thought to your kitchen faucet, but here's proof that it can be awesome in the right hands. Sure, these aren't functional so far as their intended purpose is concerned, but they're cool. Which is better?

This crazy little hydra is a work of art called 'life choices' by Rafael Gomez. Built from repurposed faucets, LEDs, disposable camera lenses, and one way mirrors, life choices uses a torrent of light to spell out a seven-letter message of your choosing.


Of course, it's about more than just repurposed hardware. According to Designboom, it's about words flowing out of you, like life-sustaining water. And according to Gomez himself, it "was made in order to explore issues, investigations. issues man has about his life or his environment." Regardless of how much either of those intended reactions resonate with you, it's still the coolest heptuplet of light-barfing faucet snakes you'll see today, and that's worth something in its own right, yeah? [Rafael Gomez via Designboom]

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