This Shadow of Mordor short is Lord of the Rings on a budget

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Warner Bros.' upcoming videogame set in between The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings just got itself a new live-action short - and considering it's an extended advert for a game, it manages to capture the vibes of Peter Jackson's fantasy movies pretty well.

The 7 minute movie sees the game's protagonist Talion, a Ranger who has been resurrected by the Wraith of Celebrimbor (the Elf who unwittingly forged Middle-Earth's rings of power for Sauron) take on a small raiding party of Orcs, using some of the game's wraith-powers to dominate his foes and, errr... teleport? I think I'd be a lot more excited for this game if it was anything but Lord of The Rings. It just doesn't sit right with me.

That said, the short - made by Corridor Digital - is pretty decent in and of itself. Whilst some of the acting is a bit off, the production design elements like the costumes and the location shooting are very well done. Plus, there's a fun bit of sword fighting in it, and who doesn't love a bit of sword fighting on a Tuesday morning?



Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is out on September 30th.

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