This Shogun Warriors Godzilla Is As Expensive As It Is Amazing

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Remember the old Shogun Warriors toys, those giant, oversized Japanese robot figures? Well, the granddaddy Kaiju of them all may not be a funky Robot, but he's just as awesome in the Shogun Warriors style.

Toynami are putting out the 19 inch toy in May of next year, and it's a perfect homage to the Shogun Warriors line, complete with a little cardboard atomic breath insert you can slide out of Godzilla's mouth, and of course, spring loaded fists for some rocket-first-firing action:


How cool is that!? I demand the next Godzilla movie somehow gives us a Godzilla that can do this.

Alas, it might look like a retro toy, but it doesn't have a retro price tag - Godzilla will set you back a whopping $250 when he releases.


[via Toy News International]

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