This Skinny BenQ T850 Packs a Fat Touch Screen

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BenQ's gear is usually pretty standard stuff, but the new T850 is pushing the envelope a bit. Claiming to be the world's thinnest 8MP camera at 14.9 millimeters thin, it also manages to squeeze in a large 3-inch LCD display. But the neatest part is that after you take shots with up to 3X zoom and 1600 ISO, you can tap, circle and swipe your way through the photos. I'm not quite convinced that touchscreens are needed in a well-designed point-and-shoot, but as long as the controls are optional, it's certainly not hurting anyone. No word on price yet. [BenQ via Crave]


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@GeekyNerdGuy: Yeah there were a lot of them, but like how you say it, they were cheap. (guilty for the 110; I can't help it if my only source of gadgetry was through popular science and/or comic book ads). If you were to choose a better quality camera then, there were far fewer to choose from (mostly Japanese).

But as for digital cameras, it's only been a decade and it's already overwhelming. I don't think they're considered today as cheap (accounting for inflation) and you end up spending more on accessories (memory cards, lithium batteries, etc). So there's more time spent on considering which one to buy because it's a bigger investment.