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This Sleek Toy Blaster Gun Is a Wonder of Science

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Three years in the making, Mattel's new BOOMco series of blaster guns are aiming at the nerf gun juggernaut. Maybe they'll even take it down. Apparently these blasters don't just look pretty — they aim straight. Plus they come with a cutting-edge new kind of toy ammunition.

FastCo Design writer Mark Wilson got a chance to try out the new gun. He reports that each blaster bullet is tipped with a special substance developed by the same group at Mattel that created Slime. It doesn't leave goop on your fingers, but it will stick to a smooth surface and then peel off nicely.


So you've got slime-tipped bullets and a blaster that looks like an artisanal lego set. All I want to do now are make really awful jokes from Full Metal Jacket.

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