This Smart Transforming Tote Is the Only Grocery Bag You'll Ever Need

Mother Earth-lovers everywhere are, at this point, pretty used to carrying around reusable totes for their shopping excursions. In San Francisco, they’re almost as ubiquitous as non-tossable water bottles—especially since a checkout bag ordinance was passed last year that charges customers a cool dime for every paper sack they need.

Walking with bags in hand is easy—obviously—but anyone who’s ever tried riding a bike with a few hanging from the handlebars knows that it can be a pretty wobbly affair: They rub against the wheels, skim against the spokes, and leave you generally unbalanced and pretty awkward.


The smart design of Notabag turns a tote—cotton or polyester—into a backpack with a quick pull on the straps. As long as you’re not on your way home from a big stock-up at BevMo, it should make trips back from the grocery store a heck of a lot smoother. A tug transforms it back again if you’d rather rock the one-shouldered look, and the whole thing folds up into sneaky interior pocket when you’re not on the go. Simple? Yes. Clever. Yup. Want? Sure do! [$20 for cotton; $16 for poly at Notabag]

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