This Smell-O-Vision Flip Phone Stinks Something Awful

Illustration for article titled This Smell-O-Vision Flip Phone Stinks Something Awful

You know phones? Those functional communication and content-deliver devices that we carry around in our wallets and purses and use our mouths to speak into and fingers to poke at? You know what they need? A fragrance chip. To smell pretty. Apparently.


The Fujitsu F-022 nightmare you see before you is a shiny, sparkly, stinky mess, a flipper with "detachable fragrance chip" on which you can spray the scent of your choice. Which, honestly, I can't think of an appropriate odor other than "bizarre desperation."

What other gaudy splendors await you on the F-022? Two carats of "diamond-like" cubic zirconia. An 8.1MP camera with something called "beautiful skin" mode. And it's water-resistant and dust-resistant, although I think it's safe to say it hasn't built up much defense against tacky. Fortunately its initial release will be limited to China. I'm sure we can get a tariff on ridiculousness together before it tries to wash up on our shores. [Engadget]


So a phone designed by Asian people for an Asian persons taste, is seen as gaudy by an American person, imagine that. How do you think Asian people feel when they have to move their stuff around because the kinect was built without taking in account that asian people have smaller loving quarters on average