This Soup Is Cooking...In Its Packaging

Quick free association exercise: What do you think of when I say "wireless power?" My answer, as of twenty minutes ago: a cup of soup cooking instantly when set on a wireless charging surface. While still in its packaging.

With their eCoupled wireless charging technology, Fulton Innovations hopes to remove the scourge of cables from our gadget lives. A noble aim! And one they're doing pretty damn well along with their friends at the Wireless Power Consortium. To show off, they're printing wireless charging tech directly on packaging. Wha? Yeah. Pull a tab; put your snack on an eCoupled countertop, and press "low," "medium," or "high" on your f'ing cup of soup.. That's it! Magic! I'm not cooking until this becomes a reality.


The tech can also be used to pull up nutritional information just by tossing a box on your counter. But back to magical self-cooking packaging... [Ecoupled]

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