Even though the majority of your work day is probably spent staring at a computer screen, somehow your desk gets cluttered faster than you can clean it. So following up on its Spartan-themed knife block, the talented and fully-digited woodworkers at Missing Digit Woodshop have created a desktop version that can now hold pens, pencils, styli, a letter opener, and even sticky notes.


The natural wood version will set you back $39, but if you want one of the four colored versions that will cost you three bucks extra. And to ensure your pens and other writing instruments don't just pass right through the holes on the shield, the desk set comes with six add-on arrow fletchlings (that double as erasers) making it appear as if the Spartan is actually under attack—and a letter opener so your desk defender is always ready to go on the offense. [Missing Digit Woodshop]

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