This Stripper Broke Into Google Headquarters

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Strippers are people too! And just like people, some of them are batshit crazy. Take Vera Svechina, a stripper who recently followed a blind Google employee into Google headquarters to leave a Russian book and "non-threatening" note for co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. A little weird, no? Turns out, Svechina has a bizarre history with Silicon Valley.

The Business Insider reported on how she allegedly stalked Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga, so much and threatened his family that he had to file a restraining order. Her voicemails, emails and blog posts were filled with borderline insane behavior, such as:

Svechina allegedly says many bizarre things, including that Zynga was her Russian family's idea, that Google's cofounders killed her father, that Pincus's children are "ugly babies" and that "I wish them all the worst." She also goes after Steve Jobs.


Even nuttier? Back in May 2010, she went to the Mountain View Police Deparment to report Google of a crime. The crime? That Google was sending messages to her brain, ordering her to kill herself. Come on, Google is at least two to twenty years away from developing that sort of technology.

Bad jokes aside, hopefully Vera Svechina can find the professional help that she seems to need. [Business Insider]

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"Strippers are people too! And just like people, some of them are batshit crazy."

I've known some strippers outside of the bars they work in...I'd say more than "some" of them are batshit crazy.

(Note to all strippers of the world: I'm not implying all strippers are crazy even though it may seem liike I am. So please don't stalk me / hunt me down / threaten me with corn husks. Obviously I'm not talking about you.)