Ltd. Art Gallery is back this month with their fourth annual art show dedicated to all things Star Wars - and some amazing artists are bringing a lot of lovely art from a Galaxy far, far away.

Header Image Credit: Machines of Dominion by Raymond Swanland

Star Wars Episode 4: A New Art Show will run at the Ltd. Art Gallery through January 2015 in Seattle starting from next Thursday, December 11th. The show will feature both licensed art from the Acme archives as well as new original art shown for the first time - including the gorgeous cover art by Alex Ross for Marvel's upcoming Star Wars comics. Check out some of the pieces that will be on show below:


Kessel Run Qualifiers by Louis Solis

Enlist Today by Cliff Chiang


Star Wars #4 By Alex Ross

Power Droid by Steve Thomas

You can already by prints of some of them on Ltd. Art Gallery's website.

[via Laughing Squid]

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