This Summer's Vans Are Made of... Cork?

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If you're after a new pair of kicks for the summer, Vans is offering up a new take on its classic designs that are made of... cork.

The new addition to its Off The Wall series use the same silhouette as the rest of the OTW range, but features uppers made of natural cork. With black eyelets, laces, fabric lining and an ultracush HD rubber outsole they look kinda neat—just don't let anyone come close to you if they're holding pins.

In all seriousness, though, it's an interesting choice of material for footwear: highly elastic and near-impermeable, cork is actually not the world's most ridiculous choice for a sneaker upper though. That said, it is a thermal insulator—so it might not be the best choice for a summer shoe.


They'll be available soon from available at Vans' online store. [Vans via Design Boom]

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I thought there was cork shortage??