This Supercut of All the Non-Leia Female Dialogue in the Original Star Wars Trilogy Will Astound You

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But not in a good way.

Look, I’m not trying to throw shade on the original trilogy. Obviously, despite being captured in A New Hope and Return of the Jedi, Princess Leia was never a mere damsel-in-distress: she was crucial in her own escape from the Death Star after those dum-dums Luke and Han forgot to plan how to get back to the Falcon; she killed Jabba the Hutt singlehandedly at the first opportunity; and she was one of the main leaders of the Rebellion.

But other than Leia, the original trilogy was not exactly full of gender equality, as this “supercut” of all non-Leia dialogue spoken by women shows. (I’m not sure how much better the prequels fare for non-Padme characters, frankly—there’s Shmi, but I’m not sure how many lines Shaak Ti, Zam Wessel and Aurra Sing had. Who else was there?)

Anyways, there’s definitely room for improvement, is what I’m saying. And thanks to Rey, Leia, Maz Kanata, Captain Phasma, and who knows how many more, The Force Awakens seems like it’s off to a good start.


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