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This surrealist film treats urban landscapes like a Rubik's Cube

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Prepare to visit a strange new world in which cityscapes can be spun around like the layers of a Rubik's cube — and where the laws of physics no longer apply.

This video, called Rubix, was produced by filmmaker Chris Kelly as part of his graduation project at the University of Greenwich.


He writes:

Our understanding of space is not always a direct function of the sensory input but a perceptual undertaking in the brain where we are constantly making subconscious judgements that accept or reject possibilities supplied to us from our sensory receptors. This process can lead to illusions or manipulations of space that the brain perceives to be reality.


The project is part of his overall thesis, "Time and Relative Dimensions in Space: The Possibilities of Utilising Virtual[ly Impossible] Environments in Architecture."

Kelly's "redirection techniques" and the use of overlapping architecture could eventually be used in collaborative gaming and interactive art, as well as architectural and urban design.

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