It's not the most stylish accessory to wrap around your waist, but Col. Littleton's No. 11 Survival Belt could be a valuable addition to your emergency preparedness kit. Not only is it going to keep your pants up, it's also made with 27 feet of military-tough paracord perfect for rescues or tethering yourself to a tree to brace against the winds.

With 650 pounds of strength per inch the cord should be more than adequate to battle Sandy's ferocity. And with a strap made from leather and brass hardware, it should also stand up to any waistline. Should the need arise to use the $149 No. 11 Survival Belt for an emergency or harrowing rescue, the company will even restring it for free as long as you send them a photo and are willing to share the story. In other words, if you end up using it to rescue a bag of Oreos from the top shelf of your cupboard, you're probably on your own when it comes to putting it back together.


[Col. Littleton via The Gadgeteer]

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