It's hard to do much with an R2-D2 figure at this point - I mean, after all, it's not like you've got much to go on outside of making it really detailed and pretty. But Kaiyodo have managed to one-up every other toy R2 by making one that can POP DROID WHEELIES LIKE A BADASS.

The latest entry in the Star Wars Revoltech series, R2 stands at around 4 inches tall and has articulated legs, ankle joints (which I never knew an Astromech could have!) and an articulated head that has colour changing lights.

An interesting little bundled in part however, gives you a separate set of wheels for R2 so instead of posing him stationary, you can turn him into the fanciest pull-back-and-go toy you've ever seen! I'm all for goofy playability things in fancy toys. Plus, you'd just be pushing him around your desk and making bleep-boop-whistle noises anyway, this just facilitates that a lot more easily.


Alas, Revoltech Artoo is packing a hefty price point for such a small figure. When he releases in March of next year in Japan, he'll sell for 5,200 Yen - that's roughly $43. And you though paying $20 for the Black Series R2 was bad!

[via Toyark]

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