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This Thor: Ragnarok Deleted Scene Is a Master Class in How to Fit an Insane Amount of Jokes Into Two Minutes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s easy to see why this scene was ultimately cut out of Thor: Ragnarok—it doesn’t really have much to add to the movie’s context, other than to cram even more jokes into a film already delectably stuffed with them. It does, however, feature Jeff Goldblum caressing himself with tentacles, which is a sight the world needs to see.

Released through Entertainment Weekly today, the scene itself is pretty humdrum—on their way back to what’s left of Asgard aboard the Grandmaster’s luxury ship, Thor and Banner find themselves reflecting on their past, Thor in particular on the melodrama of his family being cursed to fight among itself while its ancestral home burns.

But it’s also incredible to watch just how many damn jokes get flung at you in the space of a couple of minutes. There’s the aforementioned Goldblum tentacle party, the most delightful mind bleach known to man. There’s Bruce’s awkward goofiness about how to relate to an emotional thunder god. There’s even some alien gross-out comedy to cap it all off. The sheer pace at which it drops one joke after another, gleefully not giving a damn about whether they land or not (or even get time to breathe) is honestly kind of exhausting.


But even then, like the rest of Rangarok, it still manages to be wonderfully zany in the best of ways. Thor: Ragnarok finally makes its way to a home release with a digital download on February 20, ahead of a Blu-ray and DVD release March 6.