This Tiny MacGyver Emergency Toolkit Will Get You Out of Any Situation

iFixit, the folks responsible for tearing down all of our favorite gear, also sell kits that include all the tools they use. But none will ever be as useful as this tiny $6 'Action Hero Toolkit' inspired by TV's most resourceful hero: MacGyver.


It turns out that yesterday, March 23, was actually MacGyver's birthday. And to celebrate Richard Dean Anderson's most beloved character, iFixit released this simple, but incredibly useful, toolkit that includes a bobby pin, a single match, a rubber band, a piece of unchewed bubble gum, a birthday candle, a paper clip, a shoelace, a one-cent stamp, and a small piece of duct tape.

Exactly what you need for everything from fixing a cracked engine block, to performing an emergency transplant, to putting a satellite into orbit. Your mileage may vary, but re-watching all seven seasons of MacGyver should probably give you all the tips you'll need. [iFixit via Boing Boing]

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