This Top-Secret Design Will Get Your Resume Into The Right Hands

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Most resume designs — two pages of 12-point blah — don't exactly scream HIRE ME, especially if you're in the design business. That's why Norwegian designer Vidar Olufsen put all his details in a folder styled like a top-secret document dossier. Everyone wants to know about the hidden stuff.


Olufsen says that the idea came into his head after being told that one HR department would "file him" for later reference, a phrase that made him think of dusty old filing cabinets. So, he made a design perfect for that environment. His resume consists of an old-school brown document wallet, complete with security band. Inside is a personnel file straight out of WWII. There's a portfolio of his work, personal details on typewritten pages, and even a 'passport' that wouldn't look out of place in Stalin's Russia. [Vidar Olufsen via Abduzeedo]


which (while it looks very cool), if actually submitted, would get tossed into the trash without being looked at.

There's a reason hiring managers want everything in a specific format, so they don't waste time going through all the flourish and bollocks. When I go through resumes, I spend around 30 seconds or less before I go off to the next one. And I only dealt with 40 resumes at a time. Imagine those who get hundreds. This kind of shenanigans doesn't warrant anyone opening it.