This Topsy Turvy Flower Pot Can Rotate Around to Follow the Sun

Green stuff is going to grow towards the sun. When your at-home plants start edging their way to the window, it's a good idea to rotate them once-a-week-ish to keep leaves, stems, and tendrils from becoming crazy lopsided. These lovely Voltasol pots are angled at the bottom into a gentle point, making for a quick and easy whirl around to face the rays.


Graphic and industrial design group Studio BAG Disseny crafted the cone out of "red earth" from La Bisbal. The Catalonian hub has a history as a hotspot for ceramics and artisans who specialize in working with the material that dates back to the early 1500s, and is still incredibly active today. Each of these is handmade, keeping the cultural tradition alive with a new twist, and c'mon—the color combos are cheery as heck.

Given a strong breeze on the patio, these open-ended cones might spin themselves around, but could do with a little nudge indoors. Living Things is taking orders now, if you're interested, or you could just try my technique: Leave them be until they look too sad to revive, then overwater, mourn the loss, and try again. I'd love to give these a go. [Lost at E Minor]

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