For children of the 70's and 80's, Kenner's Star Wars lines are some of the most iconic toys ever made. A lot of what made them so memorable were the Kim David McNeill Simmons' (and earlier Roy Frankenfield's) photography which graced every box - and now you can see the High-Res original photos online.

Header Image Credit: The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker/Kim David McNeill Simmons. All Images in this post are credited as such unless otherwise stated.


The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker, ran by Simmons, has collated a huge amount of the photography he did for Kenner between 1977 and 1985 across the myriad Star Wars lines, everything from the action figures to playsets and vehicles as well as the larger-sized dolls and the Micro-scaled toys - even including some shots taken for the toy line for The Phantom Menace in 1999.

It's amazing to look through these photos and seem as they originally were, outside the (now just as iconic) packaging designs. The figures might be rudimentary to the modern collector used to realistic detailing and high articulation, but Simmons and Frankenfield's photos perfectly captured the excitement of these toys in each and every diorama, whether it was with the cardboard backs used in the playsets or through dioramas of their own making.


There's a lot, lot more over at the link below - and even better, if there's particular shots you'd love to own, you can purchase prints of them from Simmons here.

[The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker, via]

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