This Umbrella's Unlosable Sleeve Is Always Hiding In Its Handle

An umbrella isn't any more or less effective if you keep it wrapped in that thin fabric sleeve when not in use, but many of us just prefer it that way. It makes it easier to stash in a bag, and yes, there's a sense of panic and disorder when it goes missing. Thankfully, Nendo has ensured that will never happen again because the Cover-brella permanently stores that sleeve in the handle.


It's far from a necessary improvement, but one that will certainly be welcomed nevertheless—especially if you have a soaking wet umbrella to wrangle and no place to store it until it dries. There's no word on when or where the Cover-brella will be available, presumably it will be in Japan first. But hopefully some enterprising online store will make it available to the rest of us, and soon. [Nendo via designboom]

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