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This video explains why solar roadways won't work anytime soon

Illustration for article titled This video explains why solar roadways wont work anytime soon

These people claim their solar roadways technology is the future. They have raised over $1.8 million from people who are too gullible and decide to ignore simple physics and economics in favor of nice dreams of green energy. This video shows why their invention doesn't make any sense.


Concerns don't just stem from the unsuitability of tiles as a road surface and the high costs involved, but include the ill-considered and enormous supporting infrastructure requirements, the poor visibility of LED road lighting itself, and the lifespan of materials involved.

Maybe in the future, with new materials, this will change and solar roadways will be a reality. But, right now, this stuff is just not going to work.


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ugh…. why is everyone so down on this? Donate if you want , otherwise let them work on this and figure it out! People are so short sited these days, if you want future tech to happen, then it needs to be put into practice on some scale to work out the bugs… And spreading articles like this does not help in any way….