Man, do you guys remember how fun that Transformers trilogy was? Back when Shia was happy muttering no no no no when things went bad, back when we weren't sure if Megan Fox was part of a new beautiful species, back when Michael Bay didn't implode on a stage, back when it was just giant good transformers pummeling giant bad transformers.

Okay fine, only one of those movies was great, the rest of the trilogy petered out like big and shallow blockbuster franchises tend to do. But when I saw the new Transformers movie trailer pop up during the Super Bowl, I forgot about all the flat lines and blahness of the previous movies and got myself prepared to see some more Transformers transforming and kicking ass.


The full trilogy never matched the original promise of the first movie but I can still watch Transformers transform themselves into world destroying/saving machines and enjoy the hell out of it. Tunglebrek compiled every single transformation in the Transformers trilogy movies and it's one hell of a ride.

Who cares about the story.

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