This Webcomic Perfectly Captures the Awe and Poetry of Astronomy

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Boulet has done it again. The cartoonist’s latest installment is a quasi-animated pixel comic that challenges the notion that science has somehow robbed the universe of poetry. Recalling his own experiences looking at the night sky through his telescope, Boulet takes us on a lovely and lyrical tour of the cosmos.

“Brassens in Space” is Boulet’s response to musician Georges Brassens’ 1964 song “Le Grand Pan,” which expresses nostalgia for the days before science displaced the romance of myth. Boulet starts with his own memories from his childhood, racing outside with his telescope after the village lights went out to see the wonders beyond our atmosphere—and how it changed his view of the universe. Then he leads Brassens through the infinite canvas as a cosmic Vergil to Brassens’ silent Dante, showing him the remarkable things we’ve discovered about our solar system and beyond.


There is plenty of poetry—both visual and verbal—in Boulet’s pixels. We adore his ink work, but there’s the digital style fits perfectly with this comic and its message.

[Brassens in Space] Bouletcorp