This Website Is Telling the World Your Dirty Public Facebook Secrets

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The notion of a private secret sounds contradictory, but in the Facebook Age, it makes sad sense. There's a whole horde of uninformed FB users who broadcast their weed smoking and boss hating for the entire internet. Read it here.


Due to years of simultaneously trying to simplify privacy settings and urging us to share more, Facebook's population is confused. Savvy users know how to share certain things with certain people and make the rest public if they wish, but as makes clear, plenty of people have no idea what they're doing. If they did, they wouldn't be posting public Facebook statuses about how much they hate their job, what a dick their boss is, how hungover they are, and how much they love drugs.

The site neatly organizes these vice reports, though through an act either humane or cowardly, doesn't go the extra step to show each Facebook fool's last name for full internet shame-a-thon. But it's still pretty bad!

Emma C.
Hungover! I ent been that drunk in ages! Omg I remember why i stopped drinking. Coz of this feeling right now :(
about 5 hours ago, no people like this, posted from Facebook for iPhone

Grant T.
I hate my Boss he is such a twat. Tyson Brind grrrrrrr
about a week ago, 3 people like this, posted from web

Brent M.
Paris Day 2 Hungover as Fuck
about 1 hour ago, 6 people like this, posted from web

Brent M: cool guy on the internet.

So what's the point of all this? BetaBeat spoke to UK teen Callum Haywood, the devious mind behind the site: "The problem is not with Facebook themselves, when used correctly, their privacy controls are very good. The problem is how people simply don't understand the risks of sharing everything."

Maybe they will now. [We know what you're doing via BetaBeat]


Sam Biddle

I think it's okay to laugh at these people who haven't bothered to figure out their privacy settings yet.