This week in tech reads, we think more deeply about where we live, the ideas — both new and very old — we post online, and creepy insects.

  • Ian Tattersall examines what we mean when we talk about home — and how that's notion is continually changing. [Nautilus]
  • Inspired by the Tumblr The Art of Google Books, Kenneth Goldsmith looks into the intriguing glitches that occur when human hands are tasked with digitizing society's collected knowledge. [The New Yorker]
  • Megan Garber digs into how Imgur, one of the biggest websites we all take for granted, is growing with, and influencing, the web as a whole. [The Atlantic]
  • AllThingsD's Peter Kafka spoke on the phone with Facebook's News Feed manager, Lars Backstrom, about how the social media giant is changing how it ranks News Feed content, and what the changes look like to users. [AllThingsD]
  • Jon Mooallem covers the fascinatingly creepy Texas crazy ant pandemic, where unfathomable swarms of ants are disabling electronic devices and wreaking skin-crawling havoc. [The New York Times]

Image: today's front page of Imgur

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