This week in Tech Reads: How the internet is filling up, the horrors in store if your future connected home gets hacked, cyber-stalking reporters for journalism, and more!

  • Iljitsch van Beijnum explains that with Americans running out of IPv4 addresses, the internet is full. [Ars Technica]
  • Mat Honan explores the inevitable horrors of a wildly connected smarthome-type future. [Wired]
  • Joe Kloc follows the fascinating story of one man's quest to find John Wilkes Booth's diary in a long forgotten subway tunnel. [Newsweek]
  • Benjamin Wright makes a stirring and flawless case for why it is finally time that we publicly execute Ronald McDonald [Clickhole]
  • Sean Gallagher spends a week cyber-stalking an NPR reporter (consensually!) to discover what people can actually find out about you by just bathing in your readily available data [Ars Technica]

Image: A concept warp drive spaceship, capable of interstellar travel based on the equations of Dr. Harold White—lead at NASA's Eagleworks Advanced Propulsion Physics Laboratory.

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