This Week in Time Capsules: One Direction, Keggers, and Capsule Keepers

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This week in our time capsule round-up, something the kids call "One Direction" (I'm guessing it's a designer drug) finds its way into a new time capsule; a beer keg from 1988 is cracked open at the University of North Carolina; and some "Capsule Keepers" responsible for guarding a 400-year capsule look for a new batch of helpers.


300 "Capsule Keepers" Will Pass The Torch to New Generation

What's the best way to make sure your time capsule safely makes its way 400 years into the future? Deputize a few hundred ten year olds as "capsule kids," apparently.

Time capsules are always going missing. That's the nature of putting something away for future generations to hopefully find. But back in 1989, the governor of Washington came up with a pretty smart idea to make sure theirs would be remembered, even if the capsule itself wasn't getting buried.

Former Governor Booth Gardner recruited 300 Washington kids to act as "Capsule Keepers." They were all born in November of 1979 and pledged an oath in 1989 that they would update the capsule in 25 years. Well, 2014 will be the 25 year mark.

The task of the Capsule Keepers is to now recruit a new generation to carry on that legacy into the year 2039, during which time that generation will add their own contents to the time capsule and recruit another batch of kids. And on and on until it's finally opened in the year 2389 — the state of Washington's 500th birthday. It's probably one of the best ideas I've ever seen to ensure a capsule survives. [Spokesman-Review with photo via The Capitol Record]

1988 Beer Keg Filled With Goodies (Finally) Opened at UNC

Students and faculty — past and present — from the University of North Carolina got together recently to open a beer keg time capsule from 1988. The capsule was filled with items contributed by seniors at the university back in 1988, including magazines, 45rpm records and letters. As the student newspaper reports, it took nearly an hour for them to dig the thing up, and then another two hours to saw the thing open.


"If I remember right, don't quote me on this," time capsule organizer Eric Chilton said as they were trying to get the capsule open, "but I think there's a Pepsi and a Coke can in there because we wanted to see if the logos had changed."

You can watch video of the time capsule being dug up over at the Daily Tar Heel's website. Fair warning: most of the 3 minute video is them just getting the damn thing out of the ground. I think the videographer was running out of tape or something by the time they cracked it open. [Daily Tar Heel]


Something Called "One Direction" To Haunt The Good People of 2063

Students at the Stubbin Wood School in the UK have buried a time capsule that's scheduled to be opened in 50 years. The school included time capsule regulars like photos and other documents. But they also included an iPod, with music chosen by the students. The local news reports that One Direction was a popular choice. If the future finds a way to power the iPod on, here's hoping they don't judge us too harshly. [Chad]


Image: Photograph of two people opening the Washington time capsule via The Capitol Record