This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Shocker


Moms are the coolest. Not because they birthed you into this world, not because they raised you, not because they can never stop taking care of you but because there was a point in time where she wasn't a mom yet. And she gave that all up to create another human. So never doubt that your mom only knows how to mother, she knows everything you did before you did. Even the shocker. Hell, she knows more about that than you do too.


The Get Go made this comedy short about a billion different ways you can describe the shocker. Even though each one gets more ridiculous, you can visualize it the same way. NSFW-ish for language and general shocker-ness.

The rest of this week's comedy videos, including dropping kids off at college, besties and cats on film can be found over on Splitsider.


Yeah. Moms are the coolest. I fondly remember my mother. Humiliating me. Beating me. Stealing my money.
Real cool.