This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Internet Troll

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As much as we all complain about trolls, have you ever really taken the time to get to know one? Or, better yet, to get to know Patton Oswalt's hilarious rendition of real-life, under-the-bridge type internet trolldom? You should! You can:

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Other highlights from the week in comedy:

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- Community was moved to Fridays, with or with out Dan Harmon.

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- We spoke to Hannibal Buress about his hour special and the The Eric Andre Show.


- We thought of what could've been with 10 promising pilots that didn't get picked up this year.

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- We fell victim to the charms of the beach party genre.

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- We tried to guess whom Johnny Carson asked to the "the couch".

- We went back to the early days of Tenacious D.

- We debated who was a better secret keeper Don Draper or Robin Scherbatsky.

- We watched the PoolJumpers web-series.


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