We all know we're supposed to change our passwords every blah blah blah. And you know what? Maybe we'd actually do it if they didn't make it so damn frustrating. Let's laugh to keep from crying!

The rest of this week's top comedy videos, including a racoon, Iraq, and trying to kill your folks, can be found over at Splitsider.


Other highlights from the week in comedy:

- Bob Odenkirk is filming a new movie with David Cross this summer.

- Steve Martin's specials are finally coming to DVD.

- They're making a Fraggle Rock movie.

- We spoke to Joe Mande about moving to LA to write for Parks & Recreation.

- We spoke with Jeffrey Joseph about returning to stand-up after a 12-year break.


- We looked back at Joss Whedon's episodes of Roseanne.

- We talked with director Colin Trevorrow about Safety Not Guaranteed.

- We brought you the story of Italian comedian Beppe Grillo's political revolution.


- We remembered Nora Dunn's controversial time on SNL.

- We went inside Lorne Michaels' early-80s sketch show flop, The New Show.

- We examined All in the Family and the first gay sitcom character.

- We laughed at the surprising humor of Holocaust films.

- We watched Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story.

- We wrote a letter to the editors of Elle about being raised by wolves.

- We followed Megan Amram on Twitter.


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