This Week's TV: Howling Commandos And Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman Return

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This week, Captain America's brothers in arms are teaming up with Peggy Carter once again, while Better Call Saul shows us Saul Goodman's life before Walter White. Plus, The Walking Dead is back and still reeling from that major death and take a behind-the-scenes look at the Game of Thrones set.



Gotham (8 PM, Fox)

It sounds like Gordon and Bullock will be going head-to-head with the Scarecrow as they chase down a killer who targets victims with severe phobias. But young Bruce Wayne wonders why Gordon isn't making more headway in the investigation of his parents' murder.

The Originals (8 PM, The CW)

After a series of strange encounters, Rebekah (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers) becomes intrigued by a mysterious girl who has recently arrived to the insane asylum. At the bayou, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) struggles with coming clean to Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) about the secrets she's keeping and is surprised when he shares his own secret involving Hayley's parents. Meanwhile, after learning the details of a particular marriage ritual that Hayley and Jackson must complete, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) heads to the bayou to put an end to it, but not before running into Jackson's grandmother Mary (guest star Debra Mooney). Elsewhere, Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood) remains determined to uncover the secret he knows Klaus is hiding and sets his eyes on Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) for answers. Lastly, when Davina (Danielle Campbell) discovers that Josh (guest star Steven Kruger) and Marcel are in danger, she enlists the help of Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman) and Aiden (guest star Colin Woodell) to rescue them.

Sleepy Hollow (9 PM, Fox)

It turns out that a warlock triggered the Salem witch trials all those centuries ago, and now he's out of Purgatory and hunting down a dangerous book of spells.

Star Wars Rebels (9 PM, Disney XD)

The Rebels learn something very surprising at a meeting of anti-Imperialists. Things aren't looking good for the crew — or for the senator voiced by Brent Spiner.


The Flash (8 PM, The CW)

Caitlin decides that she and Barry both need to move on, so she takes him out to a karaoke bar — where Barry actually manages to make a love connection. Meanwhile, the team hunts down a teleporting metahuman who just busted her boyfriend out of Iron Heights.

Face Off (9 PM, Syfy)

The challengers go all Alice in Wonderland, creating a Tim Burton-style character based on a classic deck of playing cards.

Agent Carter (9 PM, ABC)

Peggy finally gets a mission that doesn't involve taking lunch orders, and she calls on the Howling Commandos for backup. But with Agent Thompson also on the mission, her SSR cover is in danger.

Supernatural (9 PM, The CW)

Dean finally lets Sam persuade him to go out on a case, but things get weird when a fairy tale character transforms Dean into his 14-year-old self. Hopefully he won't have to completely redo his adolescence.


Forever (10 PM, ABC)

The death of an art collector starts Jo and Henry on an investigation of artworks stolen by Nazis during World War II. A murder is never just a murder with these people, is it?

Person of Interest (10 PM, CBS)

Hey, look at that: POI is back!

Reese and Root's hunt for Shaw takes them to a small town in upstate New York where it becomes apparent that not everything is as idyllic as it seems. Also, Fusco teams with a former POI to tackle the newest number



Arrow (8 PM, The CW)

Without Oliver in the mix, Team Arrow has to seriously consider Malcolm's offer to take down Brick. And in a flashback, we learn exactly what happened to Malcolm in the wake of his wife's murder.

The 100 (9 PM, The CW)

Clarke is settling into her leadership role, but her mom isn't going to give up control of the Ark survivors easily. And under Mount Weather, Jasper confronts President Wallace about his missing friends.



Cartoons (5 PM, Cartoon Network)

The Amazing World of Gumball (5 PM) deals with a safety obsession while Uncle Grandpa (5:30 PM) is kept awake all night by Pizza Steve — with zombie-like consequences. Cyborg teaches the gang to wolf down their food on Teen Titans Go! (6 PM), while Steven and Amethyst try out life on the road on Steven Universe (6:30 PM). A vision leads Finn to a friendly civilization and a mysterious crash site on Adventure Time (7 PM), and Eileen and the gang want to see baby sea turtles hatch and go into the ocean on Regular Show (7:30 PM).


The Vampire Diaries (8 PM, The CW)

Elena wants to celebrate Bonnie's birthday and tries to convince Jeremy it's what Bonnie would have wanted. Meanwhile, Elena, Jeremy and Damon try to send a message to Bonnie, but make an alarming discovery.

Archer (10 PM, FX)

The gang gets to work early so they can all spend some quality time together. I'm sure it will be very heartwarming, especially when the elevator stops working.



Constantine (8 PM, NBC)

John enlists Manny's help while investigating an attack at a local hospital, and a health scare has Zed questioning the source of her visions.

12 Monkeys (9 PM, Syfy)

A dangerous group of marauders hunting Cole and Ramse threatens both the past and the future.

Grimm (9 PM, NBC)

Nick and Hank's latest investigation takes them right back to the Wesen council and a mysterious bounty hunter.

Helix (10 PM, Syfy)

Hatake and Julie's twisted father-daughter bonding turns lethal.


Mythbusters (9 PM, Discovery)

In the middle of the desert, Adam and Jamie try to transform their classic car — not into a giant robot (sadly), but into a motorcycle.



Game of Thrones: A Day in the Life (7:30 PM, HBO)

It's not quite our return trip to Westeros and Essos, but we get a peek behind-the-scenes in this week's special. We go to the sets in Croatia, Spain, and Ireland to get a sense of what goes into shooting all those massive, carefully orchestrated scenes, with interviews with the cast and crew.

The Walking Dead (9 PM, AMC)

After all the recent trials the group has faced, a slight detour might prove to be the solution they've been looking for.

Better Call Saul (10 PM, AMC)

Walter White's lawyer returns in this Breaking Bad prequel series, set six years before Saul Goodman meets Heisenberg. Before he was Saul Goodman, he was Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer still trying to find his way in the world.




I'm excited to see Peggy team up with the Commandos. I saw that sneak peek of her and Thompson meeting up with the Commandos, and it's painfully clear how much she is respected by them and not the SSR - even Dum Dum sees it.