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We may earn a commission from links on this page

This Week's TV: The Most Epic Game of Thrones Episode of All

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This coming week's episode of Game of Thrones could be one of the most lavish, insane spectacles ever put on television, and we've got all the details here. Other reasons not to throw out your television set: Awake's finale features the meeting you never expected.

Plus a brand new TV movie about a "Super Shark" that evolves to walk on land... and fly. This shark can jump over you! But that's not all. Here are all the TV shows you can't afford to miss this week.



Top Gear (8:30 PM, BBC America):
Worth mentioning because there's almost nothing on TV tonight otherwise, and because the guest star is none other than Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor. Insert your own "I drive cars now. Cars are cool" joke here.

Eureka (9 PM, Syfy):
Here's what to expect from "Worst Case Scenario":

A disaster-preparedness drill for Global Dynamics goes awry and imperils the town. Meanwhile, Zane participates in a secret simulation for Fargo.


Teen Wolf: Origins (10 PM, MTV):
The second season of MTV's lacrosse-playing werewolf show starts in June, but for now you can get back up to speed with a one-hour recap of the first season.

Lost Girl (10 PM, Syfy):
Because Syfy refuses to send out episode synopses for this show, here's what we gleaned about this episode from the Lost Girl Wiki:

Bo is hired by The Morrigan to track down a graffiti artist who is painting murals showing Fae secrets. In exchange for Bo's help, the Morrigan offers to help Bo get Lauren out of the clutches of The Ash.

Also on TV tonight: a brand new Motorcity on Disney XD at 9 PM, and the series finale of House at 9 PM on Fox.


Sadly, it's a bit of a wasteland on TV Tuesday. Time to catch up on Netflix.

Also on TV tonight: At 9 PM, Travel's Mysteries at the Museum, and then a new United Stats of America on History at 10 PM.



Man-Eating Super Croc (8 PM, Animal Planet):
This is part of "Monster Week" on Animal Planet, which we thoroughly support. Including a lot of extra episodes of River Monsters and various other things. But Man Eating Super Croc sounds like the most exciting of all:

A man-eating crocodile terrorizes a village in the Philippines, taking the lives of a young girl and a fisherman. In this town so dependent on water for life, villagers are terrified to fish and travel. A team of brave hunters is determined to save the village and capture the beast. But not all of the men will make it back alive from the hunt. The ones that do capture a Super Croc bigger than any other before it ... over 20 feet long. But did they get the right crocodile? Is there another one in the swamp even bigger?



Awake (10 PM, NBC):
It's the series finale of one of the most memorable, powerful television shows we've seen in years. Let's hope they saw the writing on the wall far enough in advance to give the show some amount of closure. Here's what to expect:

THE CHOICE IS YOURS — KEVIN WEISMAN ('ALIAS') AND LAURA INNES ('ER,' 'THE EVENT') GUEST STAR — The entire police force is on a man hunt for Detective Britten (Jason Isaacs) who relentlessly works to bring down the conspirators who tore his family apart. Britten trusts no one and time is running out as he gets closer to the truth. Bird (Steve Harris) and Detective Vega (Wilmer Valderrama) decide to help their struggling partner. When Britten's worlds begin to clash, bringing together the dueling psychiatrists, Dr. Lee (BD Wong) and Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones) in an unlikely debate that forces him to choose his path. Meanwhile, Captain Harper (guest star Laura Innes) is forced to face her truth.


I like that the two therapists are finally going to meet each other.

Also on TV tonight: There's a new Dragon Ball GT on NickToons at 8 PM.


The Link (7 PM, National Geographic):
This new show looks at weird links between innovations, and the first episode is called "From Swords to Spy Planes":

In this episode, host Josh Klein takes a look at the military's high-tech Predator drone and discovers how ancient Chinese technology set the stage for its creation. It all started in the third century B.C., when Chinese leader Ying Zeng's bronze swords were instrumental in Chinese unification and prosperityresulting in the Silk Road trade route made possible by the development of the compass which European nations then used to dominate global sea trade.


Insane or Inspired? (10 PM, Syfy):
Given that there's nothing on tonight, we should just mention this new show from Syfy, which debuts with an episode called "25 Wildest Homebrewed Superheroes."

This new series features the most exciting videos from the Internet that celebrate the world of imagination, invention, and extreme experiences. Actors Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Samm Levine (Freaks & Geeks), Brooke Hogan, Ralph Garman, as well as television personality Josh Gates, host of Syfy's Destination Truth, join comedians Ben Gleib, Owen Benjamin, Jodi Miller, Elliot Chang, Jermaine Fowler, Adam Ray, Christiana Pazistky, KT Tatara and Janet Varney to provide their unique commentary on each of the clips. The result is a fast-paced hour-long countdown of hilarious viral videos.


Also on TV tonight: A brand new Ancient Aliens on H2 at 10 PM.


DC Nation (10 AM, Cartoon Network):
On Green Lantern, Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns attack Oa. On Young Justice, Jaime seeks a missing friend, while some of the others travel to Bialya to see what lies "Beneath." And before that at 9:30, Thundercats deals with the search for an elixir to defeat Mumm-Ra. Plus some totally insane shorts!

Super Shark (9 PM, Syfy):
Screw those boring disaster movies and alien invasion films — Syfy is back to its core competency: insane monsters.

An offshore drilling accident triggers the release of a giant prehistoric shark. When marine biologist Kat Carmichael (Sarah Lieving) arrives, she runs up against corporate front man Roger Wade (John Schneider, ''The Dukes of Hazzard'', ''Smallville'', ''Desperate Housewives''), who plots with Stewart (Jerry Lacy, ''Dark Shadows'') to disrupt her investigation. With the help of Skipper Chuck (Tim Abell, ''Soldier of Fortune, Inc.'') and disc jockey Dynamite Stevens (Jimmie ''JJ'' Walker, ''Good Times''), Kat tries to find a way to defeat the monster which has evolved to a state where it can walk on dry land and's the SUPER SHARK! The latest in retro-monster movie making from cult director Fred Olen Ray (Dino Wolf) and featuring a cameo by R & B music legend Harvey Scales.


Also on TV today: A new Transformers Prime on The Hub at 8:30 PM.


Game of Thrones (9 PM, HBO):
This is the episode we've all been waiting for. If you don't already own a huge-screen flat-panel TV and you've got a credit card you haven't maxed out yet, go buy one before Sunday. This is the budget-busting episode depicting the battle of the Blackwater, written by original series author George R.R. Martin and directed by Neil (Doomsday) Marshall.

The Lannisters' control of King's Landing is in peril when Stannis' fleet launches an all-out assault.


Also on TV tonight: There's a new Metalocalpyse on Adult Swim, just after midnight.

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