This Winter, Remember That Mistletoe Is A Vampire Plant

Welcome to this week’s Reading List, where you’ll find the best science and technology stories on the internet assembled in one delightful package. This week: Housing in Silicon Valley, Mistletoe, restaurant hype, chocolate and shirts.

  • As housing prices in Silicon Valley have risen, poorer residents have been forced out, with nowhere to go. [New Republic]
  • Mistletoe stays green year ‘round, because it sucks the nutrients from its host tree. And we use it for a holiday tradition. [National Geographic]
  • Alma was named the best restaurant in America by Bon Appetit magazine. That’s when the problems started. [Vice]
  • Mast Brothers claims to create the best chocolate in the world. Now, the chocolate industry is crying foul. [Quartz]
  • How to turn around an airplane and get it ready for the next flight. [New York Times]
  • Craftsman used to make the best tools that you could buy. Now, you can’t. Why? [Car Talk]

Image credit: gubernat / Shuttershock

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